Pre-Wedding Shoot Worcester // Pia + Ian

These guys got married in August 2018… but before I show you their very wet (but never the less) epic wedding, I want to show off their pre-wedding shoot that we did a few weeks before in the same location!

I love everything about Pia and Ian! They are so super friendly and thoughtful… and totally meant to be together! As you can see they totally rocked their pre-wedding shoot!

They always dreamed of having a chilled out wedding, surrounded by close family and friends in the great outdoors. So they decided to have their pre-wedding shoot done in the same location as their wedding would be taking place! After all, it is a stunning location!

This day was HOT!!! It was boiling in fact… right in the middle of our summer heat wave! There wasn’t loads of shade to use, but the spots that were in the shade had beautiful light and gorgeous summer colours of the trees and shrubs!

I’m looking forward to showing you their stunning wedding day… but for now… here are the fabulous Pia & Ian rocking their first shoot with me!

Enjoy! lots of love Sam x