Introducing Sam Jayne Photography

As a wedding photographer, you are always told that you need to find your own style. You need to be you... because everyone else is taken... and it's so true! 

Wedding photography 'back in the day' was a few 'posed' shots... so regimental in fact... that I could probably list them... walking down the aisle, outside the Church door, by the wedding car, inside the wedding car, a line up of endless family groups and to finish off... cutting the cake... Wedding photography used to be known as 'boring' 'non-artistic' and 'dull'. Until the industry was shook up and digital photography took over... Now more than ever wedding photographers know no limits and have freedom to shoot creatively and off the cuff. 



For me, finding my own style was hard... finding my own way... always having that worry in the back of my mind of 'will they like it?' 'will people get it?' 'will people understand what I see?' ... to be honest, I have found that as long as I am true to myself and show off the work that makes me have 'all the feels', people with the same ideas, likes and visions will be attracted to it - and they are my customers. Not everyone is going to like my work, so many black and white images, price etc.... and that's OK. That is a lesson, that once I had learnt, literally freed me from asking too many questions about other peoples opinions of my work. If you love it... that's wonderful! If you don't... that's totally cool too! 

So for a couple of years I have been thinking about changing my business name to include my own name. The reasons and thinking behind me not using my name originally, have changed now, and I really want to put my stamp on my business again. So many things have pointed me in this direction, and I feel now, it's time to make the leap. Feeling the most comfortable with my photography style and a really direction in my head now more than ever, it would be silly to wait any longer. 

Paper Angel Photography will always be a part of me, the launch of my very first business... my own... and I'm not 'replacing it' just moving it forward... 

So here's to new... here's to moving forward... introducing Sam Jayne Photography... same photographer, same style, different name...